Verse Cards for Anxiety

I have learned that one of the best and most important things I can do is to ground myself in the truth of God’s Word. This is especially true when I’m going through a difficult time and anxiety is rearing its ugly head. One way I ground myself in the truth of God’s Word is to meditate on and pray scripture, knowing that God’s Word is truth and that He cannot lie.

I have found that having verses readily available for a certain topic is so helpful. I’m hoping that you will find these verse cards to be an encouragement to you, especially when you’re struggling. Each verse card was carefully chosen to help in battling anxiety. At the end of the set of verse cards are some prayer prompts to help you pray through the verses.

Read these verses.

Pray them.

Pick one a day or one a week to focus on. Print them out.

Place them around your house.

Save them to your phone.

Stick one on the mirror.

Put one by your sink so you’ll see it while you’re washing dishes.

Put them in your car.

I hole punched mine, put them on a ring, and they now hang from the mirror in my car. Everyday on my way to work I have a verse to focus on and pray on. Let us know how and where you use your verse cards!

Click here for the PDF download or you can download the images below.